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importance of a preorder strategy

The Importance of a Strong Pre-order Sales Strategy

Pre-orders are the lifeblood of any ecommerce store. If you want to get ahead in the world of e-commerce, you need to be able to secure high volumes of pre-orders. This is how you make sure that you have enough money to keep your store afloat while you wait for those first shipments to arrive.

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the type of businesses using bulk discounts
Bulk Discount Now

The Types of Businesses Using Bulk Discounts

The types of businesses that use bulk discounts are surprisingly diverse, and not always what you’d expect. You might think that the businesses most likely to use bulk discounts are those that buy in bulk, but this isn’t always true.

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Offering Pre-Orders to Bypass Supply Chain Hurdles

Pre-ordering is the most effective way to bypass supply chain hurdles, because it allows you to take advantage of consumer demand without having to wait for production and distribution to be completed.

In this article, we will be discussing how offering pre-orders helps to bypass supply chain hurdles

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