Limit pre-order inventory

This can be accomplished three ways in Pre-order Now:

  • Use Method 1 (see show pre-order buttons when inventory is above 0) in the Stock section of the Default Settings or custom settings. Pre-orders will only be taken until product inventory in Shopify reaches
  • Use Method 2 (see show pre-order buttons when inventory is at or below 0) in the Stock section of a pre-order product variant’s custom settings. This can not be done using default settings. Enter the amount of inventory you’d like to make available for pre-order using the field Make [ ] units available for preorderpn-8-2.png
  • Use Specify inventory available for pre-order in the Stock section of a variant’s custom settings. You must first check the box Enable Inventory Managementpn-8-3.png

Let me know if you need more information.