Sticky Add to Cart Booster Pro

Reduce Cart Abandonment With Easy to Find Sticky Add to Cart Bars, Buttons, Quick Buy & Cart Sliders.


What is Sticky Add to Cart Booster Pro?

It’s a bar that follows a shopper around to enhance the customer experience and increase conversions with sticky add-to-cart functionality. The cart button follows the customer around as they scroll down the page looking for more products to add to the cart.


Floating Bar

A buy button visible when shoppers scroll/swipe down pages.


Sticky Cart

Buy directly on product listings on the homepage & collections.


Quick Buy Button

Get your desired revenue reporting in your Facebook Ad Manager with a simple toggle.

Cart Slider

Interactive cart drawer that improves UX with upsells, cart reserve.


Sticky Checkout Bar/Button

Always visible Checkout button on the cart page.

Install The App

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