Boost Sales With PreOrder Now

Stop losing money to ‘Out of Stock’ and ‘Launching Soon’



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Boost Sales With Pre-orders

Increase your sales by offering “coming soon” products or accepting backorders for items that are currently out of stock. This strategy will help boost your revenue and give you a competitive edge over your rivals.

Easily Automate Pre-ordering

Automatically switch “Add to Cart” buttons to “Pre-order” for out-of-stock items, or conveniently display a “Pre-order” button for coming-soon products. Simplify the purchasing process and keep customers informed about product availability with this seamless feature.

Enjoy More Power and Ease

Unlock a range of robust features that surpass what other apps offer. Enjoy pre-order badges, mixed cart alerts, partial payment options, email automation, product tagging, pre-order discounts, and much more! Elevate your store’s capabilities and enhance the customer experience with these powerful tools at your disposal.

Boost Sales With Pre-orders

Easily Automate Pre-ordering

Enjoy More Power and Ease

Enable your customers to place pre-orders for their favorite products, even if they are currently out of stock or not yet released. Say goodbye to unclickable out-of-stock buttons – with Pre-order Now, your customers can purchase products ahead of their availability date.

PreOrder Button:

The Preorder button enables customers to reserve and purchase products before they are officially released. It’s a popular way to guarantee a purchase and often comes with exclusive perks like discounts or limited edition item

PreOrder Badge:

Display a PreOrder badge for items that are in preorder

Preorder Discount:

Offer discounts for preorders to help you generate buzz and increase sales before your product hits the market.

Notify me:

When an item is out of stock, display a “Notify Me” email button.

Partial Payments:

Paying for preorders in installments, aka partial payment, is gaining popularity and brings benefits to both retailers and customers. Here’s how it works: you pay a part of the total cost upfront, and the rest is settled upon release. It’s a win-win situation that’s catching on! 

Install The App

I’ve been using the app on two clothing stores for over a year now. It does everything we need and more. I’ve recommended the app to Facebook Shopify users on several occasions. It’s definitely worth the investment, its way better than trying to do workarounds for free on your product pages. 

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