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10 Ways to Boost Conversion Rates (Get More Business) on Your Website

Posted by Chris Norton
Chris Norton
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on Friday, 24 February 2012
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Is your website sending you as much business as possible?

Probably not. Building a website is not a one-time job. Despite our best efforts, the content and promotions we put on our website may not be what customers need and want.

Only by experimenting, putting new promotions and content on our website then measuring visitor response, can we truly get inside the heads of our customers and improve our websites.

10 Ways to Boost Conversion Rates on Your Website

To get you started thinking on ways to get more business from your website, here are 10 ideas you can experiment with. Put one on your website for a month or two and see if it makes a difference in business generated from your website. If it does, great! If it doesn’t, you can always move on to the next.

  1. Put your top sellers on your homepage. If most of your customers gravitate towards one or two offerings, you may also find that your website visitors will be more interested in them as well.
  2. Stoke visitor desire! Make your services and products look even more compelling to visitors. You can do this by: using larger product pictures, headline the results your product or service promises, use bullet lists and short sentences and make sure your content includes benefits of your product or service (and not just its features!)
  3. Add a limited time promotion. What better way to motivate potential customers to act then giving a deadline on a great deal!
  4. Use slash through pricing. Alright, some may think this is a bit tacky, but it’s been shown more than once that showing original and then discounted prices encourages buyers. Be warned though that if you’re pitching your service as a premium or boutique service, this sort of pricing scheme may clash with your upscale branding and image.
  5. Show competitor comparisons. This is great for two reasons. First, if you’re not even aware of what your competitors are offering, doing this forces you to get out there and do a bit of research on who your competitors are and how you stack up. Second, if you offer a superior value, this is your chance to highlight that to potential customers.
  6. Add a call-to-action on every page. Almost all of my Clients have probably heard me say this at least once or twice: make sure EVERY page on your website contains a call-to-action. A call to action may be something like a ‘Book Appointment’ button, a newsletter sign-up form or ‘Buy Now’ button. There’s virtually no downside this but lots of potential upside.
  7. Inspire trust. Testimonials, reviews, affiliations, privacy policies and more make your business seem more credible and real in the eyes of visitors. Make sure these appear at times when trust is most needed (e.g., right before they book an appointment, enter checkout or provide their credit card information.)
  8. Offer free shipping! If you can afford it, offer free shipping. It’s been proven to be the MOST effective change a company can make to increase conversion rates.
  9. Add a moneyback guarantee. Making doing business with you as risk-free as possible and you should notice a slight uptick in the percentage of business you’re able to close.
  10. Add a phone number to every page. Not everyone is big on email or contact forms. Make doing business with you as easy as possible for those that may not be very technically inclined – particularly important if your clientele may be older.

If you find these tips useful, I’d recommend you check out a book called Call-to-Action by Bryan Eisenberg. For those interesting in boosting conversion rates, it’s practically the Conversion Optimization Bible. You can pick it up from Amazon - only $10 for Kindle owners!

A Few Final Words of Advice

On measuring the impact of your changes:

  • Decide on how you’re going to be measuring change before starting the test. For example, will you be looking at conversion rates on your website, calls to your phone, etc.
  • Be sure to record business generated from the website before and after the change so you know if the change has had any effect.
  • Be aware that seasonal holidays like Christmas, Valentines Day, etc may throw off your measurements.

Also, for those of you keeners out there, the best way to do this sort of experimentation is with what’s called A-B split testing. This technique lets you run two different versions of a webpage simultaneously. Google offers free software called the, “Google Website Optimizer” that you can use to do this testing. We’re happy to help you setup these sorts of tests on your website, but because of the time involved we do charge our hourly rate to all Website On-Demand Clients for this service.

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